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Note to commissioners

I have not been able to finish your commissions the past week. School kept me busy and i plan spending at least some of the weekend to relax. I will get to some commissions though. Thanks for your patience!


Okay, so my fiancé and I agreed that my last sale went so well, and we just really, really need the help right now.The area we live in has become super scary from constant shootings, rapes, and burglaries. We have been victims to car break-ins and robberies now. Moving is super expensive; we have the house costs covered, but we need help with the little fees. There’s a $500 application fee just to put an offer on a house! Transferring bills and actually moving costs money too, so we could really use some help!

So I’m hosting another commission sale, and this one is longer. However, I am only accepting solo character commissions with no/solid color backgrounds only. This means I am only doing 1 character per commission, and you can choose between a transparent background or a solid color. I am doing this so my output is much quicker. If you provide me with your email, I can email you the .png and .psd/.sai hi-res files. Paypal USD only.

Please send me a message or email if you have any questions!My email is  Please share if you’re willing. Thank you everyone! <3

Edit: Forgot to add that there will be rewards! If I reach a goal of $300, I’ll do the crowdfunded commssions! If I reach $500, I’ll put out a pwyw art pack with files that you can mess around with!

Mod: helping out  friend by promoting it here :u Not sorry uvu/

giveaway deadline

The giveaway ends in about a weeks time.

Confusing rules?

Some people didnt understand what i meant with these two rules:

“DO NOT like or reblog this post if you do NOT want to enter the giveaway!”

“A reblog or like counts as an entry. You may do both. This will increase your chances of winning.

The first rule tells you not to reblog or like the post if you DONT want to enter the giveaway.

The second one tells you that you SHOULD like and reblog to enter the giveaway. (Also that doing both will increase youre chances of winning)

Sketchy Trixie reached 4k+ followers a few weeks ago! Time to do a special giveaway!

Sooo, The thing is that I (mod) am gonna make a t-shirt with the Trixie drawing (that you can see above) on it! This will be the prize for the winner. I have a tight budget so the it will only be a plain white t-shirt and I will only buy from basics, which means the size is limited. (They should have at least size S to XL though) I will also buy the male model even if you’re a girl, because designs like this just looks better on them.


  • Must be following me (I will check this)
  • DO NOT like or reblog this post if you do NOT want to enter the giveaway!
  • You have to give me your adress, so that I will be able to ship the shirt.
  • A reblog or like counts as an entry. You may do both. This will increase your chances of winning.

Other than that, GOOD LUCK :D

W.I.P of the t-shirt design for my giveaway ooo:


I MADE A STORE at storenvy!

The only place i didn’t have to be 18 to make a store :’D huzzah!

Sooo yeah, ill put out designs n stuff there (that you can buy, WOW)

Planning on putting out designs for t-shirt n such soon enough as well!

^made a store ooooo: DAYUM

Note for commissioners

I’ve sent commissions via submit as links or photos, but some of you havent replied yet, so im unsure if you ever recieved the submission :’D

These are the only people I HAVENT finished commission for yet:

  •  (I finished part 1 out of 2 though, and sent it to you already, so let me know if you didnt recieve it)

If you’re NOT on this list, and still haven’t recieved your commission, it might be because I either lost your message OR my submission never reached you. Please let me know if so!

just a doodle from the stream

tenenbris replied to your post“kittypetro57 replied to your post:Author you are from Russia? vent…”
Skulle late som om jeg var overasket, men så huska æ jo at møttes vi på grilling den gangen :P
I met this guy (Tenenbris) at a brony meet-up in my city, and I figured out he followed my blog (WOW, someone in my city that follows my blog, amaze!!) He’s a pretty cool dude, and he has this Apocalyptic Pinkamena ask blog, so you guys should check him out! :D
(made a speed paint for yah m8!)