I only answer questions I find worthy my time.
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How can you even imagine me being in a loving relationship like this?

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~Puts a bow on you and make you look pretty~

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Reply to followers!

I am doing just fine fine, thanks for asking. I just thought it would be nice to ask. It doesn’t have much to do with Sketchy Trixie, but I’ve had and still have a couple of busy weeks at school, so I just thought I’d say hi! 


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Mod: Random Question!

How are you all doing?

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Sooo I made a youtube channel for media practise reasons… 

Soooo feel free to check out this video to see what I’ll be doing there.

(PS: it’s a little akward)

mod: I made a youtube channel. Feel free to watch this akward introduction video!

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I know you were a pain to deal with in the past, but... wow! Glowy eyes? Evil demon spirit slipping out of your throat? What's going on with you?!

Text reply:

It is not a evil demon spirit. I’m not possessed!!! It is my magic, okay? When I get angry it’ll just overflow. It’s a cup filled of water, if you keep filling it’ll overflow. 


I haven’t used much magic lately!!

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Mod Note (Commissions open)


>Commission Chart<

>Journal with more samples n such<

>Where to ask questions or show interest<


Once again, I’m not feeling too great about Promo’ing myself this much, but I have to do it since this is the blog that I have the most followers on, and I do need the help, so… Thanks for dealing with my shameless self-promo posts. I am sorry, but at the same time not, since it’s my blog and all.. I’m only sorry because I know some people dislike it, and honestly I don’t want to seem like an asshole for always doing self-promotion whenever I need it. (Just this time is kind of important to me, since I need money for train tickets, and a con ticket)

                                                   For your time! 

~ MScoot / Maja

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