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Welp, I just remembered now that I dont have this linked anywhere atm. 

I’ll just post it here for now.

Imma head to bed, good night people!


Sure can. Here’s another one of my design sketches…

Mod note:

Since this is one of the Trixie’s sketch design posts, it means that this design is given away for free :D So the first one who asks for the design gets it. Easy as that. 

Because of the pretty colors, and I dislike the summer heat.

Anonymous asked: I almost forgot though, you're a great artist and I hope you not only get the money for the student company, but that it also succeeds in the ways you want it to.

Thanks for the support! I don’t care much about getting money from my student company, I just want to be able to make the products, so that I can show that I was actually able to make something. I’m very interested in doing something like this in the future too, so this project is kind of important to me. I feel like if I’m able to do it right with the student company, I can do it right again if I start up a company of my own later.

Anonymous asked: Sure thing, thanks for answering. Do what you feel most comfortable with or what seems to work most for you. Personally I do commissions as I don't have the same loss of motivation, I almost view them as paid requests which keeps them fun to complete for people. Patreon on the other hand seems quite stressful, not only to keep up with but succeed in producing for and pleasing everybody who you might not anticipate.

Yeah, I can understand why you feel that way about Patreon, but to be honest. I do have way less patrons than commissioners (because of the monthly thing, which is understandable) that means its less work. It’s just like doing monthly commissions, just for a few people I guess. I don’t think i would be able to keep up with patreon if I had super many patrons. I might have to think of something better to do then, like for example: Art tutorials, more sneak peaks, art packs and do more updates for the blog (which would be a plus even for the people who are not patrons of course.)

Commissions was the best thing for me for a good while, but after a few years my motivation dropped. Before that I did a shit ton of free requests, which also after a while bruned me out. I feel like Patreon is just something new, exciting and motivating hahah. At least it’s working for now.

Anonymous asked: Why is Patreon better than doing Commissions for you?

Commissions just somehow always take all motivation away from me.

I feel that patrons really must like this blog, because they are willing to pay something every month. That gives me more motivation and I set the rewards they will recieve for supporting me. Which means i will always know how much time i have to set off for working with these things. I understand that it’s not so easy being a patron either, because it’s like a monthly thing, and im not always the most updating blog. I do think one reasons for that was because I also took commissions though, which again, took all my spare energy and motivation to make art.

I hope that makes any sense to you guys.

Thanks for asking, I hope this answered your question

Oh, and another thing

every patron and people who donate to my blog (min 2$) can have a free adoptable (the ones on my adoptable blog) if you donate 20$ or over you may have a custom design adoptable or a chibi full colored drawing! Whooo! Every donation gets a personal thank you message including a small sketch! :D

I will try my best to do at least one update everyday too! :’D as a thanks, and because I need to be more productive.

I dont want to open commissions, so ill just make this a thing.
I need money to start up my student company. Who would have guessed it would be so expensive. I need to have finished products to show by December, so I yeah, I guess I am in the need for your guys help ;v;


Sorry guys


Made a tumblr for my adoptables. I’ll feel less guilty since i wont upload them here.

Reblogging just to mention it once more

thegothmod asked: Sometime I really wonder if you're the real Trixie because you're nothing Like Trixie beside your colors and by sometime i mean all the time.


That is the whole point with this blog.

Oh yeah, and me as in mod isnt feeling too great right now, so I guess that also goes out on how i make the updates. Even though sketchy Trixie is pretty much like this all the time hahah

Im sorry if that makes you enjoy this blog less, but she has always been like this haha