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Why doesn’t Sketchy Trixie wear her hat or her cape???

She gave away her hat to a filly, and stopped using the cape later on. 



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Hey all it’s that time of year again! I’m out of school and I haven’t had a job almost the last 4 months… BUT I did nab an internship out of state for the summer! But with all the traveling I’m going to need to do I still need your help!!

I reworked the prices that are as follows


portrait/bust shot-$10, Full body-$15, extra character-$5

Colored Sketches-

portrait/bust shot-$20, Full body-$28, extra character-$10

Line art-

portrait/bust shot-$15, Full body-$20, extra character-$8

Colored/shaded Line art-

portrait/bust shot-$30, Full body-$40, extra character-$15

Full rendering/effects/the works 

portrait/bust shot-$40, Full body-$50, extra character-$20

(you can check out some examples in this older post)

I’ll take SFW and NSFW commissions. However, I do reserve the right to delcine requests at my discretion.

Contact me with your specifications by sending me a message at my mod blog, my DeviantArt or my email at Whitefang1020@aol.com

Payments can be made to my Paypal at Whitefang1020@aol.com or on that nifty Donate button on Flutterguy’s blog

Since I’ll be leaving later in the month I’m going to start with only 8 available slots for now… so act fast!

*signal boost appreciated U-u

I do NOT care if this is not related to Sketchy Trixie. I’m just helping another artist.

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How can you even imagine me being in a loving relationship like this?

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~Puts a bow on you and make you look pretty~

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Reply to followers!

I am doing just fine fine, thanks for asking. I just thought it would be nice to ask. It doesn’t have much to do with Sketchy Trixie, but I’ve had and still have a couple of busy weeks at school, so I just thought I’d say hi! 


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Mod: Random Question!

How are you all doing?

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I know you were a pain to deal with in the past, but... wow! Glowy eyes? Evil demon spirit slipping out of your throat? What's going on with you?!

Text reply:

It is not a evil demon spirit. I’m not possessed!!! It is my magic, okay? When I get angry it’ll just overflow. It’s a cup filled of water, if you keep filling it’ll overflow. 


I haven’t used much magic lately!!

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